Level I - II - III Classes

For some tangueros, Argentine Tango is the one, true partner dance. Quiet focus on connection with your  partner is the essence of any dance, but reigns supreme in Tango. Whether dancers explore intricate patterns and footwork or enjoy a simple caminada or stroll around the room, the sensual beauty of Argentine Tango emanates from the partners’ sublime communication.

Tango Level I

This class focuses on the fundamentals of Argentine Tango. You will begin to develop correct body posture, balance, walking, and connection, along with learning a variety of basic figures. Tango Level I is structured for beginners, but the class is open to all students who would like to improve their technique.

Here are some techniques and patterns we cover in Level I:

  • Embrace (Tango frame)
  • Caminadas in Parallel and Cross System (Tango Walks)
  • La Baldosa (Box Step)
  • Basico (Basic)
  • Ochos Para Adelante y Para Atrás (Forward and Back Figure Eights)
  • Cadencias (Rock Steps)
  • Ocho Cortado (Interrupted Ocho)

Tango Level II

Once you have taken our beginner class for an extended period of time, and you’re ready for a new challenge, it’s time to graduate to Level II. You will learn how to interpret tango music and create different rhythmical patterns, how to navigate the floor (floorcraft), as well as many intricate patterns that will add depth to your Tango and give you confidence on the dance floor.

Here are some techniques and patterns we cover in Level II:

  • Tango Etiquette
  • Caminada Variaciones (Walking Variations)
  • Molinetes (Windmills)
  • Paradas (Stops)
  • Sacadas (Displacements)
  • Barridas (Floor Sweeps)
  • Musicality
  • Tango Floorcraft

Tango Level III

Now that the foundation is in place and you are navigating the dance floor with ease, it’s time to add some dramatic flair to your Tango, always emphasizing partner connection and musicality.

Here are some techniques and patterns we cover in Level III:

  • Closed and Open Embrace
  • Volcadas (Off-Axis Leans)
  • Colgadas (Hanging Turns)
  • Boleos and Ganchos (Whips and Hooks)
  • Mordidas (Sandwiches)
  • Complex and Refined Embelishments
  • Musicality: Rhythm versus Melody

Tango Practica

This practica is open to ALL levels of Tango dancers. It is a great opportunity to practice all that you have learned in class, while also fine-tuning your technique, styling and partnering skills. We’ll play tandas (rounds) of 3 or 4 songs.

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