At Ballroom Dance Academy, we specialize in wedding choreography and we love working with wedding couples. Our instructors have over thirty years of experience helping couples prepare for their big day. Even if you’ve never danced before, we’ll have you dancing like the stars on your wedding day!

We will choreograph a one-of-a-kind wedding dance to your favorite song. Your routine can be simple and elegant, or as elaborate as your imagination allows. Whether you prefer your first dance to be traditional or contemporary, understated or theatrical, just one style or a compilation of several, our wedding dance lessons will give you a performance that matches your personality and your love story.

We have customized starter packages for couples preparing for their first dance, as well as packages for your extended family and wedding party. We have a special place in our hearts for LGBTQ couples and we look forward to choreographing a dance that reflects your relationship. In addition we offer wedding performances with our sister company Ballroom Entertainment [link].

We recommend that you begin preparing at least three months in advance in order to have the most rewarding and stress free experience. Take a look at our wedding dance class packages below to see which is the right fit for you.

Wedding Dance Classes Package A

  • Three 45 Min Private Lessons ($345 value)
  • One 4-Week Group Series for Two ($112 value)
  • Work with a private instructor on the ideal dance style for your wedding song
  • Regular Price: $457 Your Price: $399!  (You save $58)

Package A is the perfect starter wedding package. Our goal with this package is to develop your quality of movement and your partner connection for the life ahead of you. We’ll focus your private lessons on the dance style best suited to the wedding song of your choice.

Wedding Dance Classes Package B

  • Five 45 Min Private Lessons ($575 value)
  • Two 4-Week Group Series for Two ($224)
  • Customized choreography to the song of your choice
  • Videos to help you study
  • Regular Price: $799 Your Price: $699!  (You save $100)

If you choose Package B, you will master a simple and elegant routine for your first dance in just five lessons, with an entrance and a dip. Remember that romance, not complicated moves, is what you want to convey to your audience. They will remember you, if you dance your dance well.

Wedding Dance Classes Package C

  • Ten 45 Min Private Lessons ($1,150)
  • Three 4-week Group Series for Two ($336)
  • Elaborate choreography to the song of your choice
  • Professionally cut music
  • Videos to help you study
  • Regular Price: $1,486. Your price: $1,299 (You save $187)

Package C will give you a wedding dance to remember. With ten lessons, there will be enough practice time to refine your presentation and styling, and to start personalizing the choreography. In this package you will learn a grand entrance and a beautiful dip to make the routine shine.

Wedding Dance Classes Package D

  • Twenty 45 Min Private Lessons ($2,300)
  • Four 4-week Group Series for Two ($448)
  • Show-stopping choreography to up to 3 songs or dance styles
  • Professionally cut music
  • Videos to help you study
  • Regular Price: $2,748. Your price: $2,299 (You save $449)

If you dream of a spectacular wedding dance, Package D is the right fit for you. Our wedding dance classes will put together detailed, flashy choreography to suit your creative vision and dazzle your guests. We can even combine multiple songs and dance styles. Start your routine with a striking entrance, amaze your friends and family with a lift, and end with a dramatic dip.

Wedding Workshop

  • $99 per couple
  • Hour and a half lesson
  • Designed for family and bridal parties
  • Three couple minimum
  • Pre-registration required

Our Wedding Workshop invites your family and bridal party to learn some cool twists and turns so they can shine at your wedding reception. This is also a perfect way to prepare for your Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances.

Wedding Package

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