Private Lessons

You can become the dancer of your dreams

Private lessons will transform your dancing. They are essential for anyone who is serious about his or her dancing. They are also a wonderful tool to help you expand upon what you are learning in your group classes.

By far the most effective way to accelerate your learning is through private lessons. The benefit of a single private lesson is roughly equivalent to the benefit of 3-4 group classes. You’ll receive invaluable personalized attention that will help you take your dancing to dazzling new heights!


Here are some of the ways private lessons will benefit your dancing:

  • You’ll have the opportunity to focus on the specific dances or dance styles that interest you
  • You can spend extra time working on areas that are more challenging for you
  • Your musicality and timing will improve
  • You’ll get hands-on feedback about your partnering skills
  • You’ll give clear signals at the correct time as a leader
  • You’ll become a light and responsive follower
  • You’ll learn to dance with correct technique and posture
  • You will become more graceful both on and off the dance floor
  • You will have the opportunity to prepare for showcases, competitions, Medal tests, and other special performances
  • You’ll achieve goals in your dancing you never before thought possible
  • Your dancing will be catapulted to an entirely new level!

Private lessons can be held at many different locations for your convenience.

Please contact us for more information!

Private Lesson Offer
Private Lessons
45-minute, 1 on 1 lesson.
By Appointment Only.


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