DVIDA® American Smooth Bronze Syllabus Figures




V. Waltz

Bronze I

1A, Box Step (Straight)

1B. Box with Underarm Turn

2. Progressive

3A. Left Turning Box

3B. Right Turning Box

1. Basic

2. Promenade

3A. Rock Turn to Left

3B. Rock Turn to Right

1A. Straight Basic

1B. Curving Basic

2A. Promenade Turning Left

2B. Promenade Turning Right

3A. Single Corté

3B. Double Corté

1. Balance Steps

2A. Fifth Position Breaks

2B. Fifth Position Breaks with UAT

Bronze II

4A. Balance Steps

4B. Balance and Box

5. Simple Twinkle

6. Two-Way Underarm Turn

7. Face to Face – Back to


4. Sway Step

5A. Promenade Underarm Turn

5B. Sway Underarm Turn

6A. Zig Zag In Line

6B. Zig Zag Outside Partner

7. Box Step

4. Progressive Rocks

5A. Open Fan

5B. Open Fan with UAT

6. Running Steps

7. Checked Promenade

3. Reverse Turn

4. Closed Twinkle

Bronze III

8. Reverse Turn

9. Natural Turn

10. Progressive Twinkles

11. Turning Twinkles

8. Twinkle

9. Fallaway Twinkles

10. Promenade Twinkles

11. Turning Twinkles to Outside


8A. Reverse Turn

8B. Reverse Turn with Outside


9. Right Side Fans

10. Contra Rocks

11. Continuous Left Rock Turn

5A. Crossbody Lead

5A. Crossbody Lead with


6. Hand to Hand

7A. Forward Progressive


7B. Backward Progressive


Full Bronze

12. Grapevine

13. Promenade Chasse’

14. Fallaway and Box

15. Twinkle and Weave

12. Grapevine

13. Promenade Twist

14. Promenade Pivot

15A. Running Steps in Basic


15B. Running Steps in Box Rhythm

12. Twist Turn to the Right

13. Check and Corté

14. Promenade Pivot

15. Oversway

8. Right Turn

9. Change of Place

10. Curtsey & Bow

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